Curriculum Vitae


David Marsden  contact. david1949marsden@gmail.com



1968 - 70           Diploma of Fine Art, Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart (Printmaking and Painting)

1971 - 72           National Gallery of Victoria School of Art (Post Graduate Studies)

2000 – 2004      Bachelor of Education, University of Tasmania


Individual Exhibitions

2016    Recent Work  Raft South, Hobart

2015     Recent Work Sawtooth Gallery, Launceston

2011     Against the Tide, Academy Gallery,UTAS, Launceston

2006     Shoot the Messenger, Sidespace Gallery, Hobart

2002     Poimena Gallery, Launceston

1996     Snakepit Gallery, Launceston

1994     Snakepit Gallery, Launceston

1992     Despard Gallery, Hobart

1990     ArtHouse Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania

1989     Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane

1986     Cockatoo Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania

1984     Burnie Arts Centre, Burnie, Tasmania

1983     Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane

            Devonport Regional Art Gallery, Devonport, Tasmania

            Cockatoo Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania

1980     Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane

1978     Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane


Selected and Juried Group Exhibitions

2016      Bay of Fires art prize. Break O Day Council St Helens

2015     Bay of Fires art prize.  Break O Day Council St Helens

2014     Bring us Your Doors, collaborative installation with Penny Mason & Sue Henderson, Sawtooth Gallery, Launceston

2013     Tasmania Today Academy of the Arts Gallery, Launceston

2012     Swerve, collaborative installation with Penny Mason & Sue Henderson, Carnegie Gallery, Hobart

2011     Space Antics, collaborative installation with Penny Mason & Sue Henderson, Burnie Regional Art Gallery

2007     Tasmanian Printmakers, Handmark Gallery, Hobart

            Carbon Trading, Academy of the Arts Gallery, Launceston

2006     50 Trees of Launceston Academy of the Arts Gallery, Launceston

1995     Pins and Needles- towards Collaboration, Silkaporn University Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

1994     Approaching the Landscape, Queen Victoria Museum & Art           Gallery

1993     Pins and Needles towards Collaboration curator Ray Norman, Entrepot Gallery Hobart & University Gallery, Launceston

            The Quilt Form, The University Gallery, Launceston

            Project Antarctic curator Kevin Todd for Antarctic Division Winter Solstice Celebration         sent by fax to various bases at Antarctica

The Urn Show, An Exhibition of ceramic funerary vessels, Curator and exhibitor, Snakepit Gallery, Launceston

1992     Do Something With A Blundstone Boot, Chameleon Gallery, toured with C.A.S.T.              

Roar Now 1982-1992. Melbourne

1991     The October Show, Contemporary Tasmanian Drawing, Queen Victoria   Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston. Six Tasmanian Printmakers, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart

1990     Genius Locii, Contemporary Tasmanian Painting, Plimsoll  Gallery, Hobart & R.M.I.T. Gallery, Melbourne

Paradise Lost, Contemporary Tasmanian Printmakers, Print Council of Australia

            Touring Exhibition.

From The Landscape, A Review of The Influence of Landscape in Contemporary Art. M.0.C.A.Brisbane

1988     Contemporary Australian Woodcuts, Print Council of Australia Gallery, Melbourne

1987     The October Show, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston


Works in Public Collections


National Gallery of Australia, Australian National University, Print Council of Australia, Geelong Regional Gallery, Phillip Morris Collection, University of Tasmania, Griffith University, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, M.O.M.A., Brisbane, Burnie Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Devonport Gallery and Art Centre, Warrnambool Art Gallery.